Is Palki Sharma Upadhyay TRAINING GUNS at Arnab Goswami?

In the wake of the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Indian news channels have been in a kind of race to outdo each other in sensationalism, presumably for the sake of TRPs. It seems as if Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has been great business for them in the time of the slowdown and lockdowns of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starting with conspiracy theories about SSR’s demise, channels have speculated about everything from money laundering allegations, black magic, sex, scandals and drugs — slandering Brand Bollywood in the process.

This has prompted WION’s news anchor Palki Sharma Upadhyay to ask the big question — Is it time to regulate Indian news channels?

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The new-age anchor has fast emerged as one of the most impacting journalists in the country. Her simple yet forceful style of reporting has caught up with the youth and her videos on YouTube are much-appreciated.

In this latest video, she does make some very interesting and valid points.

“Coverage has been reduced to conspiracy and journalism has become jingoism,” begins Palki, adding that “the media holds a mirror up to society. But who will hold the mirror up to the media? Who will hold the Press accountable?”

She states, “I’m part of the media and I think we need to have this conversation now. We need regulation because self-regulation has failed. And we can’t hide behind the excuse of free speech anymore to let loose lawless reporters and anchors.”

Whether she is training guns at her media colleague and India’s most popular TV personality Arnab Goswami — who is known for his loudness and strong-minded debates on Republic TV — is a matter of perception.

And while you might ponder over it, check out THIS fantastic article by our new guest contributor Shreya Agarwal on whether India needs a new law to identify and prosecute trolls, where she draws everyone’s attention that the right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is fundamental but NOT ‘absolute’.
If you know of people who spew venom on Social Media platforms, do try and share this with them. Let them have some enlightening gyaan and understand that legally, their right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is not unconditional.

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