Calling thought leaders to write for is looking for Guest Writers and well-written articles on topics relating to PR, communication, journalism, news media, advertising, digital marketing, HR, crisis management and event management in the entertainment industry.

We are the undisputed No.1 leads as a premier authoritative website of the Indian entertainment industry. If you Google the keywords “Bollywood PR,” the site should come right on top.Our articles, news stories, features, lists, interviews, case studies, trade analysis and expert opinion pieces strive to be the top best in information as well as journalistic and PR ethics in Bollywood public relations. The site also serves as a guiding light for new-age PR agencies in Mumbai and PR professionals all over India.

Word limit for articles

Max 2000 words.

Author credits

  • Articles will carry a byline and a picture of the Guest Writer / Author.
  • Also, there will be an ‘About The Author’ introduction at the end of every article.



Please always mention ‘Guest Article for Bollywood’ in the Subject of the mail. Please include a close-up image of the Guest Writer / Author to be published with the article. Also add a 2-3 line introduction ‘About the Author’ to be published below the article.

Selection criteria

  • Articles should be exclusive and not published anywhere else. Relevant links may be included, as long as they are not promotional.
  • Acceptance of articles is solely the decision of the website.
  • Articles with quality writing and crisp editing should be accepted and published within a week of submission. The link will be shared with you.
  • If we receive more than one guest article on the same topic, we would accept, as long as the articles are good in quality and content.

In case you need to connect personally, HERE are all the contact details, including a WhatsApp chat button.


Khushi Singh

Khushi Singh is a graduate of journalism and mass communication. She loves to write news articles and is passionate about living life and following…

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Akriti Tiwari

Akriti Tiwari is a student of journalism from Kalindi College, Delhi University. Having high learnability, she is a cinephile, with a passion for…

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Smriti Tuteja

Smriti Tuteja is a freelance content writer and an avid reader. She quit her six- year-long IT career to embrace her love for writing. She writes…

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News Features

News Features covers the whole spectrum of news, including national, world, business, tech, sports, travel, fashion, music and entertainment news.

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Yatharth Vohra

Yatharth Vohra is a multifaceted media student from New Delhi, working passionately towards changing the way masses interact with each other in this…

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Ankit Chavan

Ankit Chavan is an enthusiastic public relations officer and writer. He believes in learning new things with curiosity and knowledge, combining them…

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Nidhi Desai

Nidhi Desai graduated in BMS (Marketing) from Mithibai College. She is passionate about her work and always curious to learn new things. She's an avid…

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Brand Connect

Brand Connect bridges the gap between readers and work professionals across the digital landscape. It's a value addition tool, which assists in…

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Prasad Narkhede

Prasad Narkhede is an experienced commercial photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry. Apart from his full-time…

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