Why Mobile Space is more powerful than Print and Television Media

As in other parts of the world, media consumption in India has shifted decisively online, with 375,000,000 Internet users in 2015, or 30% of the population.

Meanwhile, more than 50% of the population owns a mobile phone and around a third of these own a smartphone. Newspaper and magazine print circulation has been declining steadily for over the last six years.

In the next 5-7 years, when mobiles will fully overtake laptops and desktops in the access of the internet, there will be a great shuffle in the media order.

Mobile Space will be the No. 1 media. Internet on desktops, tablets and laptops will come at No. 2. Television will come at No. 3. Print and Radio will compete with each other for Nos. 4 and 5.

This order with Mobile Space as No. 1 may come as a surprise to many. But please understand that Print Media can converge on to the net with their online websites and e-papers. Television can converge on the net with live broadcasts and YouTube video capsules. Radio can converge on the net with broadband and podcast capsules.

And finally the net converges onto your mobile phone; which makes the Mobile Space the most powerful media… even more powerful than television, print, radio and regular online media.

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