Why do most new Bollywood actors and actresses fail to secure work?

We often hear that over 94 percent of those attempting to break into Bollywood remain unemployed. Why does this occur despite us being the most intelligent and tech-savvy generation? Here’s a straightforward answer.

The simple rule of success most Bollywood actors fail to follow is this:

To secure work, an actor must be marketable. Only when an actor is marketable will any financier or funder invest in their projects.

To be marketable, the actor must be visible. Remember the age-old adage – “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai!” (What is visible, sells!)

To be visible, one must be discoverable. To be discovered, one must appear on Google. To appear on Google, one must be featured organically on Bollywood websites because these are the platforms financiers, funders and producers typically visit for Bollywood news (not Instagram).

However, most Bollywood actors and actresses fail to market themselves effectively on websites. Then, they wonder, “I am so good at my work; why is no filmmaker signing me!”

So where do they ultimately end up? Doing small music videos or regional cinema. Most end up posting more pictures on Instagram, known as the typical Bollywood struggler, forever waiting for that elusive opportunity and success at the end of their struggle.

Though there is no guarantee of obtaining work, at least with the right mindset and clarity, upcoming actors and actresses can stand a better chance of being organically placed and correctly positioned to receive offers and work.

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