Raaj Kumar was something else only!

I was a Bollywood journalist before I turned PR. Once upon a time when I was new to Mumbai city (then, Bombay), I approached the eccentric Raaj Kumar for a quote at a film event. He gave a piercing look at me. Then in his typical Raaj Kumar-style voice, said, “Jaani, tum abhi bachche ho. Jaao.”

Actors all: The eccentric Raaj Kumar with megastars Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar

When I tried to rephrase my question, he quipped, “Kaha na, tum bachche ho, side mein ho jaao.” I felt awkwardly intimidated and decided to move away. I could even make Amitabh Bachchan relent to persuasion, but not Raaj Kumar. 😉

Later in my career as a PR, I got to meet Mr Kumar’s son Puru Raaj Kumar a couple of times. His personality was great too, though different from his father’s. Must say, both father and son have been unique in their own ways. Impressionable.

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