Great branding attracts great funding

Great branding attracts great funding. But many Bollywood artists are still struggling to get that right. Some still work hard, instead of working smart. They still think, “Apna time aayega.”

But I can almost bet that most of them will be found discussing movie setups at Shreejees, Baristas, CCDs, Indigo or BBC coffee shop at Marriott even a few years from now.

We are living in a world where perception is reality… and if you can’t build a brand, you can’t go ahead beyond a point. We are no longer in the industrial age or labour age. We are now in the information age, quickly moving into the communication age.

It’s no longer about working hard, but about working smart. Sirf FB, Insta, Twitter se kuch nahin hota. That’s self-generated publicity — no filmmaker or financer believes in self-generated publicity anymore.

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