5 career options in the media industry

Media is an exciting career for people who are creative. There are a lot more interesting activities which one has to do on their job. Apart from being a journalist or a publicist, there are a lot more media professions one can pursue.


From holding a mike and gaining out information and forming a story around it, journalism has come a long way. Nowadays, the people who aspire to carry out journalism as a career can hone their skills via various platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The new addition in the industry is vlogging and digital journalism, which can be interesting for the one who is going to choose the career.

Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising has literally evolved over the years and so has its functioning. From traditional sources like television, radio and billboards, it has all changed to digital billboards, mobile advertisements and subtle placements. Market research and buyer psychology can propel the students in the advertising field as it gives a new direction. Whereas, Public Relations is the strategy to carry out the communication plan and it consists of writing, language and media planning.

Broadcast media

TV, film and radio are the traditional forms of media, but now there are OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The choices of aspiring people who want to make a career in broadcast media are screenwriting, cinematography and art direction. As of now there’s a scarcity of these professionals, so if one aims to carry out any from those, then they should buckle up their shoes.

Events and campaign management

The event manager doesn’t only need talent for on the floor or planning but should also have knowledge about finance. As the work in events could be quite stressful, the people who are doing it should be trained for them. The potential person should have practical exposure and should gain experience at exhibitions, conferences, cultural meets, fairs in the field of event and campaign management.

Corporate communication

Most often corporations are finding communicators to counter the blames they face and that’s when the communication specialist has to step in. They are the ultimate saviours who will save the MNC and will communicate with the public via management point of view. Corporate communication needs proper planning.

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