Viveck Vaswani talks about the shift in cinema viewing audiences

We can give ourselves as much hope as we want, but they (the audiences) are not coming back to multiplexes in droves, they’re not paying big money for fancy neon lit foyers or big money for small food anymore.

Figures are twistable, facts are that they now prefer their home theatre systems. Single screens with giant screens for giant films at not so giant ticket prices are the way forward. The only way forward.

Rajmandir in Jaipur, New Excelsior in Mumbai and 1000 single screens in the South showing the way!

Here, (in Mumbai) a new cinema is a drive in, but has a huge ticket price… and you have to sit in your car, burn fuel, while your car AC is on for three hours!

(Courtesy: Facebook / Viveck Vaswani)
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