Nothing’s better than MORE

Long ago, I had a journalist friend who understood the way my mind ticked. In fact, he understood it so well that I was sometimes worried that he could correctly predict my professional moves. This friend once told me, “You are Dale. You can do anything.” He’s no longer in touch with me. But I guess, I took his words quite ‘literally’.

I signed SEVEN new PR clients in Corona crisis time. And yes, my earlier pre-Corona-time clients are intact. None have left. These SEVEN new PR clients are all ADDITIONAL ones. Yes, some of them are short-term clients. But nevertheless, its new additional work. And additional work is always welcome. And that too, when jobs are being lost and the world is staring at a downturn.

Remember Madonna’s super-song titled “More”. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you do that NOW. And then keep hearing it every morning. (You will love me for this suggestion.) #FuturistDale

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