Anything is possible when you think like an ant

With 22 years of experience in executive leadership, marketing and corporate communications, media maverick Vikram Kharvi writes an article on ants you will flip over.

We humans have so much to learn from these feeble and tiny creatures. Even being that tiny, they do and know so much more than us. Here are nine characteristics of ants, which we can emulate and be better at what we do.

1) They mind their own business

They don’t waste time bitching, gossiping, backbiting (they might bite you but not their own clan), like journalists bitching about PR people on Twitter, PR people bitching about journalists amongst themselves, complaining about our clients, seniors etc. We on an average spend at least 20% of our productive time, talking about others. Ants, simply don’t do that, they mind their own business, they are busy doing work through the day.

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2) They believe in teamwork

They know for sure, it is through teamwork only that they can carry their supplies from one end to another. They contribute to their colony on the whole and continue to work until done. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do, without any confusion. We on the other end love privacy, secrecy, discreet behaviour etc. We love the conspiracy, pulling others down, you know we can write a book on our traits.

3) They quickly adapt to their surroundings

They adapt and start working in whatever resources available, they don’t wait for the shit to hit the fan. They get on to work fast, understand their environment, and locate their resources and start. We will take time to the environmental analysis, build-up strategy, run through various stakeholders, edit, re-edit as if there is no end. I am not saying planning or strategizing is wrong, but sometimes we overdo it, I know you are getting me right.

4) They don’t know anything other than hard work

They live by it. They carry objects much bigger than their size, they don’t crib, they believe in what Nike once said, they ‘just do it!’ We, on the other hand, will search for a short-cut, procrastinate… let’s not start talking about giving reasons, we all are experts in it.

5) Ready for future

They are constantly working towards being ready for the next season, the future. While we love to live in the moment, especially the current generation. Again not saying that is wrong, but I believe our ancestors were much happier than what our current state is.

6) They are brave

You will never find ants getting scared of anything like humans or other animals. You chase them, destroy them, yet they will be back again doing the same thing. They are definitely braver than us as they simply don’t give up.

7) They are the most disciplined

They march one after the other, in a single line without any chaos or dispute of any kind. And we find every opportunity to break the rules.

8) They ignore roadblocks

Place a hurdle on the path of an ant; they will circumvent it and move ahead, while we get bogged down with the silliest issues. Let’s talk lockdown.

9) They believe in sharing

They share everything they get, never eat alone. We don’t even share media lists, let’s not start that chapter here. 😉

Small, simple changes in our behaviour can make a big difference in our lives. This lockdown is the time to reflect upon and make those changes. It is an opportunity to set things right. Don’t waste this opportunity… be a Mungi, Cheeti or whatever you call it.

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