Ignore competition and run your own race

I have never been in a race with other PRs. Never ever. I’ve always run my own race. I don’t come in anyone’s way, nor let anyone come in my way.😈

If you see my Photo Albums on Facebook or my PR agency official website Dale Bhagwagar Media Group, you will realize that I don’t even bother to compete with anyone.

My kind of clients, other PRs don’t want or can’t handle. Their clients, I don’t need. So I run my own race… just like two of my earlier clients — Govinda and Hrithik Roshan.

Govinda never competed with the Khans or Anil Kapoor. In his time, he was always running his own parallel race as Comedy King. Same with Hrithik. He never tries to compete with the Khans or Akshay Kumar. Runs his own race, enjoys his own space.

Main bhi kuch waisa hi hoon. Apni hi banayee duniya mein khush.

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