Is a Bollywood agent the same as Bollywood PR?

Press agents work for personalities and handles their media interactions and news releases. They do all their media work, right from giving out information to releasing News Releases accompanied by images and videos, mostly on New-Age news websites.

PR professionals in the West are referred to as agents whereas in India they are called PRs. Bollywood agents and Bollywood PRs essentially refers to the same work profile. They are also referred to as publicists, public relations officers, PROs, publicity agents, spin doctors or flacks in derogatory slang.

Their scope of work involves ensuring media visibility for their PR clients. They do this by connecting with Bollywood journalists and film news reporters and giving out insights about their clients’ latest work associations and personal life. They also offer PR consultation regarding public appearances and interactions.

This way, Bollywood publicists create and maintain a buzz about their clients and ensure that their clients stay in the news.

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