What does a celebrity PR agency in India do?

A celebrity PR agency in India is responsible for creating a star image for newcomers and established names alike. This is done by ensuring media visibility for their client mainly through New-Age websites.

When the audience comes across news about popular industry names regularly, they become etched in their minds. The viewers love gossip and celebrity PR agencies offer fun insights into the past, news, lifestyle topics, professional plans, views about trending topics etc. to attract people’s attention. This attention and PR hype contributes to the fame and popularity and business success of their PR clients.

A detailed analysis: How Bollywood PR has evolved over the last 25 years

Bollywood PR agencies also help to strengthen the marketing efforts of a team through film PR. Right after a film project is announced, its PR team starts interacting with news editors and journalists, and offers information about the progress of the film, fun happenings on the sets, expected launch dates, outdoor travels etc.

They also publicize the film by collecting quotes and appreciation from industry veterans and popularizing them on websites.

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