Sexism or no sexism, Bollywood women rule

We are living in an era where society has divided individuals on the basis of manhood and womanhood, yet united by humanity. Irksome society only accepts a man who is dominant, wild, savage, and raw. Whereas a gal who is delicate, giving, shrewd, doting, and clear-sighted obviously is the perfect feminine.

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Even Bollywood actors face sexism and discrimination all the time. Award shows, red carpets, Filmfare nights, and interviews have played a significant role in making celebs feel uncomfortable with questions that are deliberately sexist.

Breaking all the platitudinous norms of societal stigmas, these celebrities have slammed gender-based discrimination which made a lot of sense.

Parineeti Chopra: “If there is sex or kiss or hug, there are two people there and not just the girl.” She didn’t shy away and gave this statement during a press conference. She had also enlightened on the effects of body shaming people.

Anushka Sharma: “Men can work as long as they want to, even if they’ve aged. They’re heroes and still superheroes, and they’re still amazing and cool. I have no problem with that. But why is it that women are only OK while they’re young and desirable?”

Kalki Koechlin: “Sometimes, as a woman, you feel guilty to just breathe. Of course, we are going to be hysterical. Of course, we are going to be unreasonable. You think it’s reasonable to restrain somebody’s breathing?”

Vidya Balan: “A girl can be anywhere in any profession, and even for actresses our respect for them should not depend on the length of their clothes.”

Priyanka Chopra: PeeCee has always given bold statements during interviews and conferences. Once she said out loud, “I am a proud feminist”.

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