5 PR movies to watch

There are some people who don’t exactly know how PR works. To get the disclaimer about the public relations profession, there are some films which you need to watch. This is the list of films which will make you understand about the Public Relations industry.

Jerry Maguire

This PR movie starring Tom Cruise is a must to watch. The classic movie Jerry Maguire will make you learn and understand about the PR profession. In it, there is a dispute which takes place with other agents as they steal clients. Tom Cruise makes sure to work hard for his clients and motivates them. This movie will definitely polish your skills if you are a PR professional or aspire to be one.

Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl is a movie which is old-fashioned and shows how a single dad figures out his own life. In this movie, the disclaimer about how PR is an industry where the pressure is high is shown. In the beginning of this movie, the actor Ben Affleck loses at a press conference where the stakes are high and later tends to lose his job. There is no time in the movie where there is no glimpse of PR. Ben turns out to be a PR hero at the end of the movie.

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Primary Colors

The movie Primary Colors is about Political PR consultants who help the candidates for making a career in politics with curating campaigns for them. The PR consultants in the movie help the candidates to cover up in the media and handle the PR situations. Primary Colors is entertaining, educational and enjoyable.

Wag the Dog

The movie Wag the Dog starred Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman. In this movie, the focus is on a Washington PR pro who created a fake war to distract the public. This movie will definitely give you more knowledge about Public Relations and spin doctors than you know.

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Phone Booth

Phone Booth is a movie which is based entirely on an arrogant PR guy who spends his time in a phone booth. If you have a profession as a publicist, then you will definitely connect with an arrogant PR guy. There’s a lot to his story, but at the end, he confesses that his life is a lie. To find out his story and how Public Relations is portrayed, Phone Booth is a must to watch.

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