Sneha Ullal admits to Aishwarya Rai PR stunt for Salman Khan film; terms it “strategy”

Actress Sneha Ullal who has lived in the shadow of being an Aishwarya Rai lookalike never made it big in Bollywood, inspite of Aishwarya being the apple of everyone’s eyes the world over.

Looking at the past, one may conclude that even though pointing out facial similarities between her and the Miss World-turned-actress grabbed eyeballs, it never translated into silver screen magic for Sneha in the long run.

That may be the reason why, 15 years after her Bollywood debut opposite megastar Salman Khan in Lucky: No Time for Love, Sneha has candidly admitted to the PR stunt being a “PR strategy” for the promotion of the film, saying it “didn’t bother” her. Of course, the interesting part being that she was launched by Salman who once dated Aishwarya.

In an interview with IANS, Sneha said, “I am so comfortable in my own skin and all those comparisons didn’t bother me. Also, that was also their PR strategy on how to describe me. That thing actually emphasised the entire comparison. Otherwise, it may not have been such a big deal.” (sic)

Ignoring the English and grammar in her quote, let’s just say — Dear Sneha, its good of you to have finally come clean. 😉

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