How Bollywood actors tackle trolls

Bollywood actors often face trolls and negative comments on social media, but they have developed various strategies to deal with them.

Separating reality from internet trolling

Upcoming Bollywood actress Suhana Khan, has shared her thoughts on handling trolls and mean comments, stating that she is still learning how to separate reality from internet trolling.

Calling out trolls

Shah Rukh Khan, a renowned Bollywood actor, once called a troll “amazingly intelligent” after the person labeled Pathaan and Jawan as “sh*t”.

Armaan Malik, a singer, also called out trolls who judged him for praising Ranbir Kapoor’s performance in Animal.

Blocking trolls

Ssumier Pasricha, known for his ‘Pammi Aunty’ act, suggests that the best way to deal with faceless trolls is to block them and try not to pay attention to negativity.

Taking a break from social media

Some Bollywood celebrities have decided to take a break from social media due to the toxicity and negativity from trolls. Actress Sonakshi Sinha announced her public Twitter exit owing to incessant negativity from trolls.

Ignoring trolls

Bidita Bag, an actress who has faced constant negative comments on social media, decided to put a rest to her public account for some time and focus on her work instead. She is on a social media detox and plans to return when she feels comfortable.

Addressing sensitive issues

Karan Johar, a prominent Bollywood director, has been targeted by trolls for his sexual orientation. However, he has not shied away and continues to address sensitive issues.

So basically, Bollywood actors employ various strategies to tackle trolls, including separating reality from internet trolling, calling out trolls, blocking them, taking a break from social media, ignoring trolls, and addressing sensitive issues. These strategies help them maintain their mental well-being and focus on their work.

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